Oct. 11th, 2015 11:08 am
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Forces are supposed to be the fun sphere. Fireballs and lightning bolts and flying (the hard way. I've been told travel by Correspondence is less likely to end up with you a smear on a wall somewhere) and stuff.

First though, you need to understand it and guess what? What Forces are? What they really are? Is very quite boring. I'm starting to really dive in to them. Try to see or feel them the way I can can with a lifeforce or a pattern of matter but... Forces are too fundamentally different.

I know it will click. Master Nicodemus is a good teacher and lets me find my own, guided, path.

For me, Forces seems to feel a lot like a Choose Your Own Adventure roller coaster. It moves along, and fast, and if you know what to watch for you can see where the tracks go... all the possibilities that you can guide your car along.

For example, I study a candle fire which is a prime example of Forces, no pun intended. I see a flame... a single bit of energy that is comprised of a whole lot of other bits of energy. But essentially it is not in progress. It doesn't have much potential. Then, I light a match with that bit of energy and I start to experience a taste of something primal within the fire.

The crystals don't help with this, the light that Forces give is too erratic. I don't see the pattern of it. I need a new focus.

Wait... taste... smell... there's something there. One moment, I will try something.

Ah! Yes! It is there. A flavor. Like a metallic tang in the air when blood vessels nearby have been broken. Strong Forces leave a trace of something in the air behind them. I'm sure weak ones do too... I just have to figure it out. What it is. How I sense it. What it means to me.

It won't be long now!
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