Dec. 13th, 2016

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I'm sure my sister would be happy if I moved to the woods and lived a subsistence lifestyle. Ain't my bag. Apparently, there are Mages that live like that too.

I am a city boy though, and prefer it that way... so of course on Alicia's asking, I'd called in favor and used every minute of saved sick leave, both paid and unpaid vacation time, and took time off while the Queen was thrashing about.

I honestly didn't know yet where I'll was going but only that it was going to be uncomfortable. I've not studied the sphere of the mind, yet... but I'm aware that decisions have force behind them, and dictate destiny. So it seemed safer to not be sure until I'm out of town and away from any likely prying eyes.

So I travelled aimlessly and slept at motels I came across and my Avatar couldn't have been more pleased. He guided me towards something out there but as usual, it was just another windmill to tilt against. He doesn't care about the goal, the destination. Only that I keep moving. Keep... Questing.

Out there on the road I spent the time learning the life and spirit energies of the plants and animals I encountered, and jotted them all down in as non-esoteric a fashion as I could. Out in the desert, there is so much more noise in the life that survives there. Life screams to survive. It seems to know that it must be able to be heard, even it that means it will be hunted, to keep the desert alive. I imagine the Garou would have something to say about the natural order of things in regard to this. In particular, this was a good experience because it taught me to view Life as something that happens not only within the individual living thing, but as something interconnected. I feel on the verge of a breakthrough into manipulating this energy.

Connected to that is the idea of distance and location. The space that things take up, and the spaces between. It is called Correspondence. Nick spoke of it to me and out there on the road, and in the great wide open, I began to feel it. I will explore that energy more when I return home...

Home... The Queen is dead now, and I'm on my way back.

Times like now that I'm very grateful to my mentor, Nicodemus. He's prepared me, in part at least, for trying times like these. I am aware now. I take opportunities to learn about my reality.

Oh, and little Cassidy is an absolute joy to travel with. The world holds such wonders for her.


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