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So. How to start. I'm just some guy, yeah?

I mean, my sister is a werewolf, and so is my daughter (adopted) but me personally? I'm a detective for the SCPD, former SWAT. I've tracked, killed and helped kill more than my fair share of fomori, vampires, evil werewolves, and I even think I saw a mummy once.

Anyways! Almost a decade ago, I used to be an Acolyte (Mage speak for non-awakened slave) for this self-appointed techno-holy man named Carter. He wigged the hell out, split into two people, one of whom did something to my mind, then disappeared. He was supposed to teach me how to become a Mage. Like him. Back then, I just wanted to be something special. Like my sister and her kind were. It didn't take.

Then a Corax, that's a were-raven, named Val who used to be an adult but is now a child cause shit like that just happens, apparently... took me into the Umbra to show me what it was like. It was like a dream come true. I never imagined. I mean, I guess I imagined but my imagination was, at the time, too paltry and frail to come close to what it was really like.

I saw something. I can't explain it, but I knew what it was even if I can't remember anymore. Then I felt this kind of veil lifting from my eyes and I really, truly, saw. Everything that I should have been seeing this whole time but had been prevented. It entered my brain and all the truths I had realized but ignored bored a hole deep into my being. I exploded with energy. I became liquid. I was Potential. I was also terrified.

Val saw what was happening to me and took me somewhere safe.

Soon after the dreams started. But I'll get to 'him' later...


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